We are grateful that you have decided to place your child for adoption, because we know it must have been a very difficult decision. As you have sought the best interests of your child, we believe the Lord will honor your decision to bless your child through the caring environment of adoptive parents. For the same reasons, we are also thankful that you have landed on this webpage as an opportunity to see and hear the heart that Cameron and Amanda Snipes have for children and their hopeful future adoption of a child.

We have known Amanda and Cameron for over six years, and I (Mike) have the blessing of being their pastor. During that time, they have both grown in their love for God and for each other. In 2015 I had the privilege of presiding over their vow renewal service, marking 15 years of marriage, where they restated their vows and shared again for everyone in attendance their commitment to God and each other. That love overflows in so many of the things they do throughout our church and community.

Both of them serve faithfully in our church. For many years, Amanda served as the Children's Ministry Director, a volunteer position that requires much time, effort, and sacrifice that too often goes unnoticed. But we noticed, and have been grateful for her loving ministry with our church's kids. Amanda currently serves in student (youth) ministry, and Cameron serves on our media team.

Although there are many ways that Cameron and Amanda serve their family and friends, one of the sweetest to watch from a distance is how well they love and care about their niece and nephew. They have a special relationship with them, and have demonstrated time and again how to go the extra mile in kindness and love.

For these and many other reasons, it gives us great pleasure to commend Amanda and Cameron Snipes as adoptive parents. We know that as parents they will love and live well.


Mike and Amy Williams