Welcome!  First and foremost, thank you.  Whether you have been praying for us or are trying to make, what we're sure, is a very difficult decision, you're here.  We are Cameron and Amanda and we have been patiently awaiting a most precious gift for our family.  This page is meant to help you learn more about us.  Below, you'll find our story (how we met, our family, why we're adopting) as well as letters from our friends and pastor on why they feel we would be great parents.  In short, we've been trying to have our own children for over 10 years.  We have always loved children that were not our own and we are thankful for our friends and family who have shared their children with us.  Truth is, we are beyond ready to be parents.  We feel God pulling us toward adoption and have made the mutual decision to start this path together.  We want a child to call our own - to love, to nourish, to teach and even to spoil at times.  The choices we make in life define who we are.  We have made the choice to open up our hearts, our minds and our home to a child.  And we really hope you make the choice to trust us to love and cherish a part of who you are.  We know this is a difficult decision for you and we hope to work together with you to give your child the best life we can give.  Our best is ready to be given.  

Our Adoption


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Why Us?


We asked our family & friends to help tell you why we should be parents to give you a different view into who we are.  

Our Story 

More than 20 years of love and laughter.  Find out our story and learn more about who we are.