To Whom It May Concern,

Amanda and Cameron Snipes are two of the most influential people I have ever known.  They have known me from the very moment I was born, and our families knew each other for years and years before that. Amanda has always been a mentor with plenty of guidance, a bright light even in the darkest of days, a mother figure, a friend, and so much more than words can describe. She was my Children’s church teacher for many years, and for many more children including my four younger siblings. Cameron is full of fun and laughter, but also has a kind heart and will go over and beyond for anyone. He was my Sunday school teacher in my later years including middle and high school. Today they are my son Kayson and my daughter Kennedy’s godparents. In life we don’t always get to choose the people that God gives us, some people are here for a season or a lifetime and I thank God every day that he gave me these two for a lifetime. Growing up I always admired the happiness they have in general and for each other, and literally when they are together you always see so much love, you can see it in their faces, and all around them. I have always wanted to be like that. When I think of Amanda, I think that is who I want to be more like. If something were to ever happen to me, I always knew that they would give my children a life full of laughter, happiness, love, strength and kindness. My hope is that they becomes more like the woman and man they are, I hope they learn values and morals and so much from these two because I am learning often as well from the two of them.

From the day I was born they’ve gone over and beyond,
any time, any day any moment, I wanted or needed them they were there. They are ALWAYS there. They have captured memories for us and made many memories with us that will always be so special.

They took in my sister, took care of my other siblings, guided a unnumbered amount of other children growing up in church with us, provided me and my husband Jeremy with help and guidance, and I’ve never seen either give anyone anything but 100%.
I know that no matter where life takes me they will always be by my side. Amanda and Cameron deserve to be parents, I cannot think of any two people who deserve it more than these two. They have both helped mold me into the woman I am today and I know they’ve changed so many lives for the better. They both are a gift that becomes more special with time. They have a special place in my heart and I honestly don’t know what myself or my family would do without them. When my heart is heavy they carry me, when my spirit is down they lift me up, when I’m in trouble, heartbroken, struggling or sad they always make me see the good. Everything I’ve ever wanted, everything I’ve ever appreciated stems from their kindness, hope, and reassurance. Every day I am so very thankful for all that they are, all that they make me and all that they are going to be.